By-Case Licensing and Price Guarantee

By-Case Licensing

We have introduced 'by-case licensing' to address two concerns.

Firstly, we understand that it can be difficult to judge high-technology products before you try them, but that for various reasons (such as third-party data privacy agreements) it may not be possible to hire us as consultants to test the merits of our products.

Alternatively, it may be that your organization would have use of our technology but cannot justify purchasing a full license because you have only a limited number of tasks it would be applicable for.

To assist in both these cases, we have made it possible to purchase a license that will permit you to perform a single modeling/analysis task. Contact us for details.

Price Guarantee

It is important to us that our products are not only superior, but cost-efficient. We guarantee that our products and services are cheaper than substitutes - including in-house production of comparable quality stochastic models using software such as R. If you find that this is not the case, we will refund the estimated difference.*

*Such comparisons include salary expenditure based on estimated employee hours. Inatas' decision on comparability of products and estimation of costs is final.