Research and Education

Inatas works hard to cooperate with research and educational institutions, both by subsidizing our services for non-profit and educational clients and by working with universities in designing or providing undergraduate and graduate level course modules in artificial intelligence with statistical methods, focusing on Bayesian Networks and their decision theoretic generalizations.

If you are interested in organizing a guest lecture or course module from members of our staff with academic teaching and research experience, contact us for more information. You can also examine these lecture notes produced by Dr Michael Ashcroft (Inatas' Managing Directer) and based on lectures presented in the Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence with Statistical Methods courses at Uppsala University.

Rough drafts of upcoming or recently published papers by Inatas staff are also included below:

Performing decision-theoretic inference in Bayesian network ensemble models

An Introduction to Bayesian Networks in Systems and Control

Applications of Bayesian Networks